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WTF America: Cowboy flavoured pizza (Chapter 4)

Cowboy flavoured pizza You never consider just how much your national identity hinges on food until you’re outside of your nation and without your food. It’s not like I was an aficionado of Irish food. I would struggle to even name 4 or 5 dishes, if pushed. I’ve never...

A slightly deeper thought on homebrewing

So most of the updates for the homebrewing have been done on the fly, either with a quick picture submit or some hastily slapped together words about how it wasn’t bad. However today I’m going to give it a little more depth. The brewing was incredibly...

Adventures in the States #9

This post was posted from pictures taken the week prior to today, but it wasn’t posted until the 15th of April. Enjoy. There was some good mexican buffet here. Best little fried chicken sandwich ever.

Zinc Saucier Edition 16 – Crockpot Ribs

How good does that look? This, like most crockpot recipes is very simple, but I was doing an experiment with this one, so I’ll go into the details on that after the jump. For the record, in the picture above the dry is to the top left, and the wet is to the...

Some Food

Giant Calzone – Home made. Spicy Beef tacos – Chipotle Pork Egg Rolls – Kimberlee made. And delicious.

The Thing of Today #8

Kimberlee made Enchiladas. She used Picante sauce. I drank two beers in the space it would usually take me to drink a 1/4 of a beer. Picante means hot. And they’re not fucking around, they mean that it’s very hot.