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First Hair Cut Of The Year

Before… Check out the jump for the… …After. Thinking about growing the beard for a year. It’s already at the 3 month mark. If I shave, I’ll let you all know.

Monday Morning

My sleep pattern is all over the place. I’m having trouble remembering which is am and which is pm at the moment. However, a picture for you. Reshaved my head and took off the mustache. It was irritating, and brushing crumbs all over the place. Any thoughts on...


Eh? No chin beard. And some snazzy new pajamas (Pyjamas?) I’d never really considered wearing extra clothes to bed, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t nice and cosy when you wake up. Go buy some, they’re awesome.


Getting well tired of this beard. It has begun to drive me nuts. I looked back, and I’ve had some sort of chin beard since February 17th or something. I’m going to shave it. *itch*