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I received a package in the mail today.

After opening the big white package, smothered in messages that it was from the US postal service, I found a little brown box, with a little brown bow on it. My heart began to flutter because I knew it was the present from my beloved. She had told me on the day that she had sent it, and I’d been waiting eagerly every day for my wonderful little surprise to come through the door.

However today, I was out back working on the Mario Box project, and mema brought it out back to me. I immediately downed tools, rushed inside and opened up the package. I took a moment to savour the little brown box inside. It’s got this sort of suede stuff on it. It’s a nice box…

Enough about the box already Dave. What was INSIDE the box I hear you growl through impatient teeth. Well, why tell you, when I can show you?

….After the jump.

So here you are, dying to know what the hell is in the little brown box. And I realize I’m talking about the box again… Ok, ok. Here it is.


Hehehe. My beloved bought me a hip flask. A wonderful, fantastic leather covered hip flask. It has the little hinge on top to keep the cap from getting lost: a nice touch.

But I was looking at the front… it had a shiny thing on it. And a wee hinge. My mind jumped at a few possibilities: a picture of my beloved? A window to my booze underneath a protective cover?

But no! Much to my giddy delight, it was a small, built in cigarette case!


With room for 6 cigarettes, possibly spares, maybe special cigarettes, maybe some harder cigarettes as a change from the pack of Marlboro lights in your front pocket… Whichever.

The point is, I received a treasured birthday object, from a treasured woman. I absolutely love her unconditionally. Thank you for the wonderful birthday gift: It’s perfect.

It only took six days – to send a love token across the globe.