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Beach Sunday

That right there behind me, is the Pacific Ocean. It doesn’t smell as salty as the Atlantic, it’s actually colder and it has a faint smell of boiled cabbage. Different seaweed I guess. Had a slice of pizza next to PCH and then headed to pick up...

Balloon Saturday

After a little back and forth with weather conditions this morning Kimberlee and I were able to get on the balloon in Irvine. One of only 17 of this type of balloon in the world apparently. 400 feet above California suspended beneath a helium balloon.

Little Moments in America #8

Hollywood. And lots of it. The buildings of downtown L.A. The tunnel from Back To The Future 2, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The most wonderful woman in the world. I love you Kimberlee Hollywood Boulevard. Kara, Kimberlee, Martha, Jennifer and Tita. We were a very...