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So, there’s this thing called National Novel Writing Month and I entered.

National Novel Writing Month is held over the course of November, and you’ve got 30 days to write a 50,000 word novel.

I entered, with an idea that I’ve had for a while and I reached 50,000 words before midnight on November 30th.

The current title of the novel is

Of Dieselpunks and Detectives

I’m really jazzed about being a novelist and I am stoked that I managed to win my first time out.

What’s even better about all this though is that I have a finished novel. And after my sweetheart and I get done editing it we’re going to try and enter a contest to get a publishing deal. The deadline for that is fast approaching so I’m going to get working on some more editing.

Enjoy these little NaNoWriMo winners badges in the time being. Every time there’s one more book, the world is a little better off.



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