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So in my previous post I mentioned that I was selling stuff to fund my trip, and that I was knocked back.

Today I received payment for the coat, which auctioned at a good price, and I popped it into the post and it was whisked off away to Germany.

About a week ago I wrote off the coat as a possession of my own, and it was simply an item that I had to post someone after they paid for it.

I’ve begun looking at my other possessions recently as well. My dvd collection, my books, most of my clothes.

Heaven forfend – even my hats.

I realize that if I’m going to be moving to another country, either I’d have to pay a bunch of money to transport all my shit over there or I can sell it and make my possessions work for me.

I’m moving to another country: I might as well make a fresh start.

So here’s to fresh starts, strong starts, and keeping that momentum up.