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We have a bona-fide success from the kitchen: Fried chicken and biscuits.
Or scones, if you’re not American.

Doesn’t that look delicious?

The recipe for biscuits is easy enough, in fact I did a post about them. Which apparently I’ve pinged back to several times.

Once you’ve made your biscuits, it’s on to making the chicken, which we shall do after the jump.

Three bowls filled with fried chicken coatings. This is the messy part, but never fear for a tip is forthcoming.

First I cut the chicken breast into strips, and then into small chunks.
Fill one bowl with flour, and some spices would work well at this point.
With your left hand put some chicken into the bowl of flour and coat it.
Then with the right hand put the floured chicken into a bowl of beaten egg and coat.
Still with the right hand take the egg coated chicken pieces and coat them in breadcrumbs.

Set the coated pieces aside on a plate until everything has been coated.
Then fry at about 3/4 of full power on your fryer until the coating is golden brown and the chunks float in the hot oil. This is how you know you are done.

Cut biscuits in half, apply butter, serve chicken with a little barbecue sauce.

Freakin’ delicious. And the Colonel is full of shit, my chicken had only 3 spices and it tasted like kfc.

11 secret herbs and spices my ass.