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I’ve called today Barbecue Tuesday because I’m tired of people typing BBQ, and not actually knowing how to spell the word Barbecue.

That and I made myself a barbecue steak for dinner. Just slather it in the sauce and fry it up. Fry on high at first to seal in the juices, and make the sauce mingle in with the meat, and then fry it on low to let the meat cook slowly. Turn occasionally until steak is as cooked as desired. I take mine well done. People hate me for that.


Might take a run to the barber tomorrow. This town is full of barbers and hairdressers. Proper old barbers, that’ll do a shave, and tell you how this country should be run while limping between the clippers and that jar of blue stuff they keep the combs in. Not sure what haircut to get though. Any suggestions are well received.