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So today I had a big fat steak with barbecue sauce on it. Much like Barbecue Tuesday.

And here is [theoretically] the 105th picture of the year. I started posting pictures here on the 5th of January, despite having started the project on January 1st.


Today is a rather special because today marks the 100th day that has been online!

More info and the introduction of another family member after the jump.

What a long way this blog has come. Getting a website as a birthday present [Thanks to my beautiful girlfriend Kimberlee] to getting mentioned on National Radio by Ray Bloody Foley, thanks to my big sister Angela, pictured below.


She’s been one of the biggest supporters of the blog from day one, and she’s always the one that’s there to tell me to stop running around like a headless chicken and think for five minutes. She’s the best big sister a guy could ask for. And she’s also Serial Twin’s Number One Fan.

Back to the blog. It’s been 100 days online and I’ve had 1,231 visitors and they have looked at 2,688 pages. Thanks to each and every one of you, especially my 863 Irish visitors and my 247 American visitors.

Without you crazy people coming here and listening to my insane and often inane ramblings, I’d have no reason to keep doing this.