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24th – Pancake Tuesday

Yeah, I forgot to make pancakes. Or look for pancakes, or even buy the basic ingredients to make pancakes. But then again, pancakes have always been a vague, failed experiment in my family so never mind. Vivitar is still giving me shit, so it’s back to the...

Meet the parents

No not my parents, Sin’s parents. And you don’t actually get to meet them, because I haven’t taken any pictures of them. We invited them over for dinner and a family friend, Craig, came over beforehand and cooked for them, and us. I got resoundingly...

Vivitar: Vivicam 3188

I think I’ve sorted the flash problem. I can’t be sure though, because I’m now blind. …It’s better than what I had before right? Right? Guys, where did you go? …Can’t see jackshit.