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With this episode I wanted to make the video that I wanted to see when I started brewing.

What made me most nervous when I started out was hearing about a “stuck fermentation” which is when the fermentation doesn’t kick off properly, and likely will never kick off.

When this happens you either have to get more yeast and some yeast nutrient or you have to call it quits and wash 20-50 euros worth of ingredients down the drain. And I’m not really interested in doing either.

So after a couple of hours of research online (During my first brew) I figured out that you have to wait at least 24 hours before deciding if the fermentation is stuck. I also learned that there are a few different signs of Positive fermentation and I thought I’d detail them in this video for all the newbies like me.

Just a quick recap of the video in case you didn’t glean the pertinent information:

1. Bubbling in the airlock – This is the most positive sign
2. Foam accumulating on top of the beer – The yeast is working it’s magic
3. A dark ring called the krausen appearing – This is more a sign of quality fermentation than a sign of strong fermentation.

As always, keep it below 30 degrees C and happy brewing.