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I hear you all out there saying:

“Dave, all you make is dinner. Make something else”

And this morning that is exactly what I did, so welcome, to the breakfast burrito!

We start with the greatest ingredient nature has yet given us. Bacon! Yay Bacon!

I grilled my bacon, which a while, so I put it on first. Then I started making up some tasty corned beef hash
You can totally make corned beef hash on it’s own, and it’s delicious, but for today it’s an ingredient.

Oh, per person you’ll need:

Two slices of bacon, loosely shredded
One medium potato, chopped
One sausage, cut or crumbled
One third of a can of corned beef
One handful of grated cheese
One tortilla wrap

Yep that’s everything.

After the jump is the rest of the preparation.

So you’ve grilled your bacon and made your corned beef hash (pictured below)

I do like my hash peppery…

Microwave the tortilla wrap for about 40 seconds per wrap.

Now to construct the burrito.

1. Spoon the hash onto the wrap
2. Add cheese
3. Add bacon and sausage
4. Add ketchup (optional)
5. Wrap the tortilla around the filling as best as you can
6. Eat it. Prepare to be very full for several hours.

I mean seriously, I ate that thing for breakfast and I easily went 7 hours without needing to eat again.

If you want, replace the hash with scrambled egg. Customize this recipe. I’ve been thinking about a potato waffle for next time.

Look at what delights lay within…