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Finally a bit of good weather came our way, and once Ed, Aidan and Greg landed round at Ruth and Senan’s place and off we went to The Bridge Club.

Which involved driving over a lot of tiny bridges, and farting around in rivers. We explored the beach, went spelunking and generally had a blast. Most fun I’ve had in a long time. Once more, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves after the jump.





























I do believe that the above is the most epic 365 picture that I’ve taken to date. The next one is pretty awesome too.

These pictures are getting warped and twisted to fit into the blog, so if you wish to go see them in all their wonder go to Sin’s Picasa.

The only reason why I’m in so many of these pictures is because sin was doing most of the photography. Thanks for capturing all the wonderful moments.

There was a barbecue wherein the majority of the awesome people in Carandonagh turned up, but we had to be on our merry way.