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So, this is a back posted series of days [updating 27th April] because I’ve been writing and dealing with the events that occurred Tuesday night, after I posted the daily picture. First, today’s picture, then the life changing.


So, on Monday my dad was working around the house of this woman, he’s in telecommunications contracting just so you know, and they got to chatting. She mentioned that she was a First Assistant Director on several popular TV shows in the UK. He then proceeded to talk her ear off for the next hour or so about me, and my media experience. She was very interested, she gave my pa her number to give to me [are you keeping up?] he texted it to me, I left a message on her voicemail, and then settled into bed, ready to try again on wednesday evening, today.

My phone rang, it was her, and we proceeded to talk for around 90 minutes about the industry, what I wanted to do, her work, my work….

She called me “Babe” and said that she could be the first entry in my “little black book”. It was exactly the sort of conversation I envisioned having with someone in the business we call show. A business with no equal apparently.

So I’ve been writing and reading my previous works, editing and refining and picking out my best work. It’s been a busy few days, but it could very easily be very, very worth it.