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Ah today has made me mad. Well, a lot of things make me mad, but it was something in particular today.

Just to let you know, I’m a smoker. I like smoking, it gives me a series of little lifts throughout the day and it’s a great social thing, now that we’ve all been relegated to a special cage outside.

But this is just a stupid piece of legislation, that will only make purchasing cigarettes legally more awkward for patrons and business operators.

Government to ban all cigarettes from view

Now… excuse me if I’m missing something fundamental here, pushes glasses up nose , but how exactly do legislators think that hiding cigarettes from view will stop teenagers smoking? It’s already patently clear that kids are getting cigarettes from somewhere, so they’re probably aware of where they are in the first place. This is a time wasting bullshit piece of legislation that won’t do anything but hinder the purchase of a legal product by legal adults, of legal age. Legally.

Feel free to chime in on the comments. Maybe we could use this as a petition of sorts… say if we were to hit 100 comments, then maybe we could send it to the government registering our supreme disappointment at this bone-headed, reactionist, bullshit move to hustle tax payers.

I’m mad I say. MAD!