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The best of days: Sunday

It’s getting harder and harder to inject variety into the daily pictures. That’s why the original guy just relaxed his face and held the camera in the same place. Yeesh.

Easter…. Tuesday?

I don’t think there’s an Easter Tuesday but it gets difficult to think up fun and interesting names for each and every day. Trying some new stuff for the blog, like picasa, so if things are a little dicky for a while, that’ll be why.

February 5th

Snow. I was standing looking out the window, listening to classical music, and Sinead walked down the stairs shortly after waking up. Apparently I looked very epic. Like some General pondering the beauty of nature amidst all this killing… Tune in tomorrow folks,...

February 4th

February 4th. Busy, busy day. Started out getting a lift to a government office so I could sort out my social welfare payments. Soon as I arrived in, I was told that I was in the wrong office. My lift was gone, and I couldn’t afford a taxi (thank you very much...