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So for a long time I’ve had this idea that I want to make my own beer. It’s cheaper (50 cents a beer), it’s a fun hobby, and it’s 100 other things. I had never had the gumption to do it, and something always got in the way.

Not any more! I ordered a brewing kit from Home Brew West on Wednesday afternoon and it arrived by courier this morning. The above link will take you to the kit that I bought and it really does contain everything you need. Brewing sugar, malt extract, bucket, airlock, the whole nine yards. 40 Screw top bottles and an easy bottling mechanism come with the kit so you really are covered from start to finish.

All you need to provide is water and time. I’m starting out with a standard Lager this time, but I’m really looking forward to brewing some stouts and ales.

Ale Pail

Doesn’t it look grand? The fermentation should start in earnest any time between now and tomorrow and the final brew will be ready for bottling in 6-10 days. See you then.

Oh! Home Brew West takes laser cards. How cool is that?!