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I have wanted to make something pizza based since the calzone fiasco of a little while ago.

And man did this ever taste fantastic.

Click after the jump for a sausage pizza recipe.

This recipe looks really lazy when I read it out, but it produced cracking results.

1. Add water to pizza dough mix (Tesco, in the bread aisle, 70 cents)
2. Knead dough until stretchy
3. Spread pizza sauce (Again, I got it in a jar, I was feeling lazy)
4. Sprinkle cheese onto the base (I used a grated cheese mix I bought in lidl)
5. Apply toppings. I put slices of cooked sausage on this one, chili beef on another.
Half-risen Pizza
5. Sprinkle rough corn meal (Or polenta) on to your baking sheet
6. Bake until the base has risen and the cheese is nice and gooey.

It was spectacular.