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A nice down home country, easy as… sloppy joes recipe for all you food fans out there.

Sloppy Joes are a fantastic twist on the regular old burger. The basic premise of the sloppy joe is that it’s a loose meat burger with ketchup mixed in. That’s it, the recipe is really simple, and if you put your chips on in good time, you can have a meal for the whole family in 30 minutes.

A picture of the results:
Sloppy Joes

Recipe and details after the jump

The recipe is here.

I made a few modifications to the recipe to suit my tastes:

No onion, pepper, mustard or sugar.
I added a couple of tea spoons of gravy powder to make the mix a little stickier, a stock cube for depth of flavour. A little bbq sauce adds a nice tangy taste to it, but I didn’t have any this time.

It’s a really simple recipe, I can’t praise it enough.
Next time you’re going to make burgers, or mince… make sloppy joes.