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It’s over. Devolution passed. Now Stormont has control over all of it’s own affairs, and the terrorists can go home.

For those of you out there that don’t know, ever since the Good Friday Agreement of 1998, they have been trying to transfer power from London to Belfast in a process know as devolution.

The main issues have been:

1. The dismantling of the paramilitary (terrorist) groups in Northern Ireland.
2. The removal of the British Army and it’s bases.
3. Establishment of Power Sharing between the main political parties.
4. The devolution of policing and other services.

There are more issues than that, but those are the main ones.

The paramilitaries have disarmed (mostly).

The army are gone.

Power sharing is here.

And as linked above, the police are devolving.

There’s no point fighting any more on the part of the terrorists. All you’ll be doing is killing other Northerners. You can plant bombs, shoot cops, whatever it is you want to do… but there’s no point.

You’re not fighting for Britain or Ireland any more.

All you’re doing is blowing up your own people. Which is fairness, is what you’ve been doing this whole time.

It’s over. There are years of healing to go yet. I give it two generations before no one gives a shit any more.

It’s over lads. It’s over.