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Remember the desk? Last worked on it way back in August…

Anyway, I finished it last Monday, and here’s the final part. Because it’s finished.

This here is the pile of wood that the desk has been for the last few months. Upon looking at the proportions of the desk, I realized it was too long.

Look after the jump to see in progress shots.


Clamping the desk to the kitchen table because my work bench/coffee table is too low. And Frank was asleep on the couch.

Anyone want to buy me a workbench? ….anyone?

Skeleton version of the nearly finished desk. Just half lap joints and screws, so I can take it apart again if I need to move it.

And here is the finished desk. Just took some plywood and nailed it on for shelves and a desktop. Now I could have used mdf, added extra supports and all that, but I didn’t. It’ll do.

The shortened section is the desk top, the support underneath it, and the pieces that are resting on the floor. It was too deep, which made it hard to reach the shelves while one was sitting down.

It’s actual turned out to be a great ergonomic success – Frank and Sin like sitting and using laptops at it so much that it’s still in the sitting room.

New Project coming in the new year. Keep your eyes peeled. Two projects in the works at the moment actually. Keep an eye out. It’ll all be in the carpentry category.