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It arrived! My kilt arrived. It actually arrived yesterday, but I was still at home, so I finally got a chance to put it on. And it is really comfortable.

I love it. Word to the wise though: if you’re getting one, order up one size. I ordered a 40, when I’m about a 38-39, and though it first I would have preferred a 42. It’s easier to adjust down that it is to adjust up.

I got mine from The Scotland Kilt Company, and I couldn’t be happier with it. The delivery was a lot faster than estimated, there were no shipping costs and it’s only 45 euros for the entry level kilts.

For the Americans out there you might want to try Sport Kilt. They have similar prices, similar offers and similar kilts, many of which with newer twists, like pockets.

Get one. Now. Seriously, go, get one.