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People get up this early in the morning? Earlier you say? That’s barbaric. I had a very odd dream about lost and lil’ wayne last night, and while trying to piece together the disparate flashes of phantom memory at 7.40am I realised that I wasn’t going to be able to fall asleep again for some reason. It wasn’t from a lack of being tired…

A cold panic took hold of me: I hadn’t put out the bins. (That trash cans to my American followers) Now, this may not seem such a bad thing, however we have an alternating bin system, which a lot of my readers may have. Week 1, we put out the blue recycling bin, and week 2 we put out the black, or green household waste bin.

It’s a good system, it encourages recycling, and it means you have less waste over all. However! If you happen to miss a week, then you have to wait a further 2 weeks to get the blue or black bin picked up.


With our black bin already packed, I legged it downstairs, dragged the remarkably heavy bin around to the front of the house and heaved it up to the kerb. The truck hadn’t arrived at that time, so it was a victory for doing things at the very last minute.

This real life sort of stuff is harder than it looks.

Oh yeah, I’m going back to mema’s place for the weekend. Everybody needs a little chill out time, and mine chill out place is mema’s. See you in a few hours ma.

EDIT: Hey check it out, 150 posts.