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Yep, you’ve guessed it: It’s going to be a lean Christmas at the dragon household. Name the reference in the comments. Lean, lean, lean.

However, Ralph at Paypal sent me back the 10 euros that had been lost in the aether, which meant that I could go down to the ATM and take out a 20, rather than having to go down to the bank and get a 10. When did ATM’s stop giving out 10’s? Seriously, I’d like to know.


The local shop sells a bag of potatoes for 3 euros, and 1/4 pounders for 80 cents. So it’s home made burgers and fries for dinner. Roll on Thursday when I get the government bread. Or at least the dough.

Oh yeah, speaking of paypal head over to the donations page and help a mad carpenter out. Any donations welcome.