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In a moment of idle contemplation, I googled “The Mad Carpenter” and apparently it has shown up in a lot of places before I got to it.

I don’t see this as ripping off someone’s idea, I see it in the way I see many things: Good ideas never die. Two totally separate people invented the television at the same time, coming up with the combination of words “The Mad Carpenter” has obviously struck several people throughout time, and I’m just one of them.

Want to meet the others?

1. The Mad Carpenter Inn. If I’m ever in Laramie Wyoming I’ll be sure to drop in to them, get some pictures and spend the night.

2. Serology: It’s in the blood. A tale of a killer carpenter from Germany in 1901. It’s a true crime forensics deal.

3. Mad Carpenter: A Spanish Fantasy. An ebook titled Mad Carpenter. It’s a little uncanny though, in the blurb it says:

[…] who is the mad carpenter, to collect timbers for his making of her coffin

He’s a mad carpenter, that’s making a coffin? Like the coffin I made?


4. A piece of fractal art. Speaks for itself really.

5. The Mad Carpenter by Jalan Crossland. A song and everything. That video is not actually 20 minutes long. Check out the hat on that guy. I’m starting to think that us mad carpenters are of an ilk.

Jalan Crossland “The Mad Carpenter”

Oh and by the way, the reason I chose “The Mad Carpenter” is because I’ve always liked the idea of being a “Mad Scientist” but I was never any good at science. What I am good at, is making things out of wood.

So there’s my top 5 other Mad Carpenters. Obviously, I’m number 1.