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This post doesn’t relate directly to hats, but if you look back at Hiatus day 1, then you’ll realise something similar is going on in this post.


Taken this morning. For a more recent picture from today look below the jump.


That’s right! I got a haircut. Doing this hat week has reminded me of how much I actually love wearing my hats and the long hair didn’t make that easy. It’s been awkward wearing some of these hats because of the hair. When my hair is short is grips the hat onto my head, sort of like velcro, and prevents the hat from blowing off my head until the winds get properly strong. There’s no slipping, my hair doesn’t hurt anymore, and generally it’s easier to wear my hats.

I took my own advice from the first hiatus day: I like my hats more than my hair, so I got a haircut.