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Hello there Mad Carpenter fans; you’re in for a treat today because you’re meeting my younger sister Stephanie (again) but since this is hat week she’s here to show off her hats.


Clockwise from top left:

1. Black instripe trilby: a fairly recent purchase – Pennys of Letterkenny

2. Black and White Dogtooth trilby: worn in perfectly – Pennys of Letterkenny

3. Blue Engineer’s cap: One of the earliest hats – Can’t remember

4. Black and Red trilby: Found a matching shirt – Pennys of Letterkenny

She’s becoming quite the hat enthusiast. Pennys isn’t a hat shop or anything, it’s just a chain clothing store in Ireland and the UK. So it just goes to show what a little determination and a small budget can get you these days. Just keep your eyes open and you can find some real treasures.

Edit: Stephanie found a nice grey trilby in a charity shop on the morning of the 7th, I’ll get her to email me a picture as soon as possible for inclusion in this article.

My picture after the jump because sadly I’m not wearing a hat today. I’ve run out of hats to take pictures of. Sure I have a beanie or two, but those are necessary hats, not fashion hats. I do have one or two more hat related articles though, then it’s back to regular service.


Tune in tomorrow for a devastating reveal! *soap opera closing music*