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Planned on making a fake movie trailer today.
It was a trailer for the hotly anticipated “The Daughter of the Son of Lawnmower man”, the mowingest movie of the summer. Just when you thought it was safe to go back among… well, very near to the begonias in a striped pattern.

Never mind. When I’m better, I’ll do that. It’ll be low budget, well no budget. We didn’t do it today because there was no gasoline in the lawnmower… so another day? We’ll do lunch. Don’t call us, get the fuck out of my house.


Remember a while ago when I said you’d be meeting people over the coming weeks? Well her right there is the most important little person, to me, in the world. I call her The Child Woman, because she’s never really been a girly girl. See the plaid shirt for evidence. She collects hats and by gum she’s like a daughter to me.

Hope you all have a great Sunday, or whatever day you read this. Now contact your younger sister and tell her you love her. Because I love mine.

Oh and on a table polishing note, saw it’s 1,000th visitor today, and the page they looked at was the 2,000th pageview in the short 77 day history of this blog. Thanks for all the support.

By the way, the individual visitor that was number 1,000 was from Sligo, or accessing it from the Sligo server. 7 people visited today from Sligo, so if you’re one of them drop me a comment and I’ll give you a little prize.