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St. Patrick’s. Or St. Pat’s.
Or even Paddy’s day is acceptable.

But so help you if you call it St. Patty’s. Because Patty is a girls name, an abbreviated version of Patricia, also a girl’s name. That bugs the shit out of me every year. So the above three options are fine.

On to merry making.

The most Irish picture ever taken of me.

More St. Patrick’s fun after the jump.


Jimmy and Mary.


Guess which one of these guys we call Beer God.

Must have got so lashed I forgot names… Joe? Maybe, and …I have no idea. Forgiveness please.


Once more names elude me, but everyone we hung out with that day was a lot of fun.

Ah Pete, Sin’s Da. He played guitar in a bar for 6 hours in exchange for free drinks, broke two strings and still managed to keep playing Mull Of Kintyre. Hats off boys.


And so it came down to this. Sitting around our house for hours drinking cans of beer and the rest of my whiskey. A day for the ages, it’ll be hard to top next year.

Oh yeah, everyone is wearing hats because it’s the house tradition to pass around all my hats when someone new arrives in the house. We’re a fun household.