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Ah hat week. I’ve been putting it off for so very long. I’ve been waiting for a new hat purchase to mark the occasion, but alas, I haven’t been able to get my hands on one. In fact the last hat I got was for Christmas. I say hat, it was 3 hats. Including today’s hat!


Forgive the smirk, but when you put on a hat like this you become John Q. Shitkicker, it’s nigh on impossible to not cop an attitude and feel like you could bounce bullets in a cowboy hat.

It’s the largest one that I could get imported into this country without having to pay massive import fees.

There are lots of articles and things out there about the cowboy hat, and it’s really iconic, especially from an American standpoint, etc etc etc. That’s not why I’m here. I’m here to show you my hat, and then to tell you where you can get one. Yes you! The one on the left… no… HEY! Over here jackass! Yeah you, you want a John Q. Shitkicker hat? Then follow these links.

If you are of the American or Canadian persuasion and you want one of these hats go to The Village Hat Shop and buy it. It’s soft felt so it’s a bit crushable, and it has a wire in the brim so you can shape it. Shape gently though, you don’t want to put a corner in the wire, or you’ll never be able to unbend it. It’s unlined, but you know… it’s cheap.

To those of us in the Old World, make your way over to Hats and Caps and buy one. It’s a great way to start off in the world of hats, unless you want to go to yesterday’s post and check out my information on The Fedora Hat.

More hatness tomorrow. Press 91, then wait for my instruction to press 1 again.