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Hello Hello Hello and welcome back to the regular service of the mad carpenter. This weekend was an absolute nightmare.

There was no internet at the house, there was snow everywhere, I was delayed in coming back to Letterkenny by the afore mentioned snow, my igloo project collapsed, and when I modified the bricks I had into an snow wall it collapsed as well.

It’s been a rough weekend. And now I have a headache, which I assume is from this “Virus” that’s going round, that mema kept talking about. So thanks for the lovely parting gift from home Ma. But seriously though, thanks for the biscuits.

Here’s hoping that this week will be better than the weekend.

Also, I had to give back the good family camera, so now I’m using a dismal little cheap number. Yeah… it takes pictures, but at what cost?

A final, final note: I do not advise, and I speak from experience, cycling uphill in dense fog. Over ice. Without a helmet.