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Hello there internet.

Now, if you’ve been keeping up, I’ve been doing a 365 project, wherein I take a picture a day and post it here. If you’d be looking at the pictures, you’d realize that for the last 8 days, I’ve been wearing the same plaid shirt. Which seems lacking in fashion flair to some of you. So, in the honour of people that say I never change my clothes: Fashion Week, Day one.


It’s damn cold around here, so I’m wearing my cold weather gear. A nice warm fur trapper hat – bought in Dunnes Stores for 10 euros. A black coat, which I think is a sort of a cop looking coat – 25 euros, Lidl. Jeans, I always wear jeans because they’re just so practical and comfy – Pennys, 10 euros. And my faithful boots, check the ring detail on the side. Some shoe shop – 70 euros.

So there we are. Tomorrow, something more formal.