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And now we’re up to date again. I’m not starting fashion week again, I just thought I’d show off one of my suits, I’m going to a party tomorrow. Might wear this, might not. A dark shirt would look better and twinned with a light tie… perfick.


Want to know what I was doing today? Then read on after the jump. 

Busy, busy day today… Payed the rent, the phone bill, got around 10 pounds of meat in ASDA (Part of the Wal Mart family don’t you know) and half a carton of mayfair superkings. It’s been in interesting day, and hopefully tomorrow will be a day of relaxation in Derry with new friends and old in a dingy little pub on the Foyle river. It better be marvelous or I’ll be mad as shit.

Have a happy fucking weekend minions.

Carpentry you say? When I’ve got a bit more time. Calm down. I’ll put up an article on the coffin next week, when I have access to it. Many many pictures.