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Hello there my faithful followers, and I’m glad to say that your numbers are swelling every day.
*Pinches cheek* Look how big you’re getting!

Enough of that. Today – Suit.



As you can see, when I wear a suit, I don’t half-ass it. This is my graduation suit with the addition of a top hat, tuxedo shirt and bow tie. Now, while yesterday was a nice cheap day, today is not. The suit itself cost 550 euros, but it is a very fine 3 piece Remus Uomo suit. The pocket watch was a graduation gift, and only cost around 40 euros. The top hat cost me 30 pounds on a market stall. The shoes were around 50 euros. I got the tuxedo shirt in a charity shop for around 3 euros. The bow tie, which I tied myself mind you, cost around 8 euros from a local menswear shop.

It’s often difficult to pull off a suit, and in fairness, this is the tenth picture I took in order to get me looking half decent in it.

I think you’ll agree that this is a bitchin’ suit and by paying attention to the details; pocket watch, top hat, self-tie bow tie, you’ll agree that the suit looks much better. I do think I need a bigger top hat though, just to make it look ridiculous(ly good).

Tomorrow a more muted ensemble – my melding of formal and casual.

Just a note, this post is scheduled to appear in a couple of hours, and I’m totally geeking that I can do that. But anyway, I’m having it post later because I’m off house hunting for the day in Letterkenny. Wish me luck minions.