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The Thing of Today #3

Today’s thing is a simple one, but it’s a rather American experience. Polish sausage (not hot dog) and a Dr. Pepper from a hot dog stand at the outdoor swap meet. The nicest experiences are often the simplest. We got a wooden monopoly set at the swap meet....

The Thing of Today #2

What I’ve fancied since I left the states last time was a can of miller high life. So I got one and here it is, as the thing of today. Click through for a picture of the sexy dame on the side of the can.

The Thing of Today

I was going to call this series Thing of The Day but I don’t know that I’ll be posting every day. But anyway, here’s today’s thing. It’s a one gallon glass jug with all natural apple juice in it. I love the jug, and I am to hang on to it....