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So Smithwicks came out with a new Pale Ale.

Eamon and I have tasted it a few times and we’re pretty much in agreement;
Smithwicks have done quite well in making a simple, yet robust and pleasant pale ale.

The advertising literature makes a big deal about the beer being full of 100% Amarillo hops, and it is a nicely hopped beer. I’m not usually a fan of pale ale but this one may have changed my mind a little. It’s by no means an exceptional or stellar beer but it’s a very nice entry into the market and it typifies pale ale.

The beer is clear with a yellow to orange colour though the head retention and formation seems poor.
The smell is a simple pale ale smell with mild vanilla, banana, custard and biscuit/cookie/bread notes.
The taste is smooth, a little tangy and there is a definite biscuit taste. The aftertaste is very low on the bitter with a lasting hop/citrus tang.

I would definitely suggest that you try this beer. If you’re in Donegal Town you can get a pint of this beer in Dom’s Pier One

New Smithwicks Pale Ale