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I am currently down a laptop.
It simply will not accept the power cable, so it’s knackered. Kev carried the ram over to an old toshiba carcass, and the hard drive so all my information is still with me. But all of this is putting a serious crimp on my ability to post, and do the things that I want with this blog.

All of these things suck. If anyone wants to help me out head to the Donations page, located at the link below. Or the link above that says “Donations”.

I’ve got it all worked out though, and it’s probably possible to get back online, with a new machine, in about a month, if I save as much as I can.

With a little help I could probably have it in two weeks. I’m not one to ask people for money, but this is a serious interruption to the mad carpenter service.

Any and all donations will be greatly received.