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Oh have I got a treat for you guys. Somewhere around 70 pictures from one of the best parties I’ve been to in years. Senan’s Mafia Birthday Bash. It was fantastic, everyone really went for it, and… I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Check it out, it’s the whole gang.


From left: Tony Acapulco (our man in the Caymans), The Kaiser (Under boss), Don Waldini (The Don), Rocky Knuckles (From the 70’s) and Big Sal (The Don’s personal bodyguard)


From Left: Cuban Bob (Our representitive in Havana), Joe (The 90’s rumbler), Ace Fireball Snakebite “Chainsaw” Maverick McCoy (Inner city 80’s gangster), Dylan Phoenix (Our finest hit-woman) “Auntie” Mary (She takes care of all the ladies of the night)


Booms and Babyface Murphy. Guess which is which.

From left: Tallulah (The finest Moll on the east coast), Don Waldini in the back, Ace Fireball (etc) in the front, Rocky Knuckles, Luscious O’ Trigger (From 1885; the Edinburgh contact), and Lady Skulls (Don’t ask)


Luscious O’ Trigger, Dylan Phoenix, Ace Fireball…(Man I wish Frank had picked a shorter name), “Auntie” Mary, Joe and Texas Mike (From 60’s Texas)


From Left: Tony Acapulco (Big Sal behind him), Miami (The Florida man), Cuban Bob behind Miami, Dom Waldini, Rocky Knuckles, and The Ghetto Snowball (We needed an in on the music industry, so we backed a white rapper)


Nothing sorts the men from the boys like a mafia watermelon eating contest. They don’t call him he Kaiser for nothing.


Joey Bananas and Booms. Word around the campfire was that Joey Bananas was FBI, but he’s been personally vetted by the Don. He’s the crooked cop of our fine association.