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Oh the crushing inevitability of another week.

I went to the dentist this morning for the first time in years. If you want to hear about it, click after the jump.

A chunk of what I assumed was my teeth came off in my mouth a few days ago and I got very freaked out about it. So I went in at 9am. I forgot there was an 9am. I went in, got a cursory look over, and then got sent into the other room to have 3 x-rays taken. So I got some radiation pumped into my head today, joy.

Now I was fairly sure that I had 1 cavity, and then the chip on my teeth, and then I had wisdoms coming in. A general pain in the mouth.

So after much radiation and poking inside my face, the tally came in:

3 fillings, 1 really expensive wisdom tooth pulling and a cleaning with the hygienist. I declined to get any of that work done today because it’s 60 for a filling, and 200 (200 fucking euros) to pull the wisdom tooth. I’m getting a medical card, so that stuff I can get that stuff for free. I can’t afford it, and I can get it for free, so I’m going to fill in the forms and wait.

Oh, the chip that came off of my tooth: it was plaque and not my tooth. That’s what I need the professional cleaning thing done.

My mind has been put at ease. And yeah it sucks, and dentistry hurts, but I need my fucking teeth.

So if you’ve been putting it off (a certain Kimberlee that shall remain nameless) get your ass down to the dentist and get checked. It’ll put your mind at ease too.