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And thus ends hat week children. I do have one more post lined up, but that may take several days to properly complete though. So it’ll be hat week Mtheusday (Meh-thews-day) or something.


But remember loyal fans [and first timers. Hello first timers! Become loyal fans, it’s easy] that hat week isn’t just for a week. It’s for life. Well it was actually 16 days, and there’s another one on the way, but I digress….

There doesn’t need to be an occasion to wear a hat, there needn’t be appalling weather (though wear a hat in poor weather) just wear a nice hat for the hell of it. Have a good one, and always tilt to the left.

Oh yeah, go see Monsters vs. Aliens. Watched it in 3D, with 3d glasses that were actually able to fit over my real glasses. And occasionally the 3D is a bit of a gimmick, but it really does help the story along. Enriches the whole experience.

“By Hawking’s chair!”