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Hello there followers, and welcome to Hat Week with The Mad Carpenter. Now, just a note about hat week; it will be longer than a week because I have more than 7 hats. I think I have 11… either way this is act as a sort of inventory of hats and a vehicle to informing you about the different types of hats there are because generally the only hats that are sold in chain shops (Pennys, Dunnes, Wal-Mart) are things like this















Not that there’s anything in particularly wrong with that hat, it’s just that it seems to be the only choice out there aside from those Cadet Caps or Beanies. Don’t even get me started on baseball caps….

Now. The purpose of hat week is to show off my various hats from the practical, to the ridiculous. So let’s start with a classic: The Fedora.

See the picture of the day and my hat theories and advice after the jump.





A staple, a classic, and suitable just about anywhere. It’s the sturdiest hat I own, and it serves me during the day, at night, when I’m out, when I need the sun out of my eyes or the rain off my head. It’s pretty much bulletproof and I’d suggest it to almost anyone.

Fedoras traditionally have straighter crowns and wider brims than trilbies. The crown being the top of the hat, and the brim being the bit that sticks out and shields your eyes. If you have a wide head with a shorter face (Like I do) then the fedora is for you. The wide brim makes your face look narrower and the straight crown makes your hat look more in proportion with your head.

The trilby is taller, more slanted in the crown and has a smaller brim, often trilbies have “stingy” brims, meaning they are very small. If you have a longer, thinner face, possibly with a pointier chin that mine, you’ll want a trilby, because if you were to wear a wide brimmed hat, it would make your face look even thinner. The slanted crown would round out your face and generally make the hat look proportional to your head.

Did I mention I’m a hat enthusiast?

Tune in tomorrow kiddies to see more of the wonders of my hat collection.