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Greetings and welcome to another day with the mad carpenter.
Yes I know that carpentry posts are a bit thin on the ground, but funds are tight and most of the money I have evaporates in my hands.

I cooked an awesome dinner tonight: meatballs and sausage with naan bread and spaghetti. Maybe I’ll make a video next time I make it… hmm… Mad Carpenter / Iron Chef ? Not the worst idea I’ve ever had.

Either way, still footering with the camera to get a better picture, still don’t have my social welfare sorted out, need to go to the community welfare officer tomorrow morning and ask for some more money. Which sucks and feels like begging, but on the upshot…

TOMORROW IS FRIDAY THE 13TH. My personal favourite non-specific holiday of the year. I’m going to spend most of the day siting in front of my house smoking and looking like a time traveler. So I pose a light hearted challenge to my readers – take a picture of yourself, upload it to your Bebo, Myspace, Facebook, flickr, plurk, photobucket OR any other internet repository of choice and link it in the comments for today or tomorrow’s article. I’ll collect your photos and put them in a post so you too can be part of what Ray Foley called “A good blog, you know, when you’re killing time on the internet”.

So dress up for Friday the 13th. Then send me your links and I’ll make you mildly famous.