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Not a thing. Well, I finished reading the archive of a webcomic I started reading a few days ago. It’s really good and I suggest you all read it. But you know, be prepared to read back through 4 years of archive to get all the in jokes.

Anyway, today’s picture. In my room again, probably going to get an early night. Cooking dinner tomorrow, so I may put up a recipe, or some action cooking shots if I can get the vivitar working. Ooh, forgot to mention thinking about getting a decent camera – A canon powershot.

It’s hard to disagree with the features for the price, so I think I’ll get it either this week or next, depending on cash flow. If anyone can suggest a better camera for a cheaper price, I’m all ears.


EDIT: Got so wrapped up in all the news and non-news that I forgot to post the picture. There we go, all done.