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Drinkin’ with Dave Episode 4

Welcome to the fourth episode of Drinkin’ with Dave wherein I talk about wheat beer, international beer day and I drink a couple of half pints of Tuborg. Like, comment and subscribe if you liked, have something to say and want more of this series.

Drinkin’ with Dave Episode 3

Welcome to the third episode of Drinkin’ with Dave. This week is mostly a discussion of the issues that we’re having with the Bock and what I did with the dark ale. I also drink the last dark ale, which is all the sweeter for being the last. Also 3 weeks...

Drinkin’ with Dave Episode 2

After a great deal of technical difficulties I’ve finally managed to upload the second episode of Drinkin’ with Dave. On the subject of beer we talk about bock brewing difficulties and the taste of my batch of ale. Enjoy and don’t forget to...